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  1. Flu News Europe - Joint ECDC and WHO/Europe weekly influenza update. During the influenza transmission season ECDC and the WHO Regional Office for Europe jointly reports on the influenza situation in the wider European region which covers the 53 countries of the WHO European Region (including the EU/EEA Member States)
  2. European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) www.ecdc.europa.eu/seasonal-influenza FluNewsEurope@ecdc.europa.e
  3. CDR is the crude death rate calculated as a simple ratio: number of registered deaths/ mid-year population (per 100000). Mortality rates have been calculated by the WHO Regional Office for Europe using the data on deaths by cause/age/sex and mid-year population by age/sex, annually reported to WHO by European Member States
  4. Division of Information, Evidence, Research and Innovation WHO Regional Office for Europe UN City Marmorvej 51 DK-2100 Copenhagen Ø Denmark Tel.: +45 45 33 70 0
  5. ica, Marshall Islands.
  6. As of November 20, 2020, Belgium had the highest rate of coronavirus deaths among its population in the European Economic Area at 132.65 deaths per 100,000 population. Spain has recorded 90.1..
  7. WHO/Europe influenza control and other respiratory pathogens. Flu Awareness Campaign is a WHO/Europe led initiative held each year in October to increase seasonal influenza vaccination. Observed rate of vaccine reactions - influenza vaccine; Read more. Data and statistics

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The influenza season 2016-2017 has now come to an end in Europe. In week 17/2017, all EU/EEA countries reported low influenza activity and the positivity rate (proportion of influenza virus positives among all tested specimens) falling below the 10% benchmark to 9.9% Rate of influenza-related hospitalizations in the U.S. in 2017-2018, by age group Mean cost per stay for influenza-related inpatient hospital stays in the U.S. by age Number of influenza deaths in. Greece has the highest rate of flu deaths in Europe - EURACTIV.com Greece has experienced more deaths by population from flu than any other European country this year, according to data collected.. Death rate is now TWO THIRDS higher than a bad flu year- as coronavirus kills 185,000 people across Europe. Spain had the worst mortality rate across all ages at the height of the pandemic The 15.. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that so far this season, there have been at least 15 million flu illnesses for the 2019-2020 season, 140,000 hospitalizations and 8,200 deaths in the U.S. The CDC reports there have been 54 reported flu-related pediatric deaths this season from Influenza B viruses

Of the 13,368 influenza cases included in the basic dataset, 2806 (21%) were fatal, a remarkable number when you consider how (relatively) little coverage flu-related mortality receives in the mainstream media, both here and abroad Recent case and fatality figures from the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) show that while recorded Covid-19 cases are spiking in the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Germany.. The fatality rate was nearly three percent higher in the city of Wuhan in Hubei province, where the virus originated, which had a rate of 4.9 percent before its epidemic subsided. Excepting cases.. The Europe-wide flu epidemic has prompted the European Commission to call for more people to get vaccinated as around 40,000 people die each year due to complications.. It comes as many EU. Although the overall fatality rate for the Spanish flu is estimated to have been 10% to 20% of the population, the lethal waves of the Spanish flu are not reported to have emerged with anything like the over-50% case fatality ratio observed to date in human H5N1 infection

These page includes information about the estimated burden of influenza from past seasons, including tables of the estimated influenza disease burden (and 95% credible interval [Cr I]) by age group A total of 79,263 cases have been recorded since autumn. The RKI estimates that 10 milllion visits to doctors in Germany were caused by the flu during the serious wave in the winter of 2017-2018... The overall number of deaths starts from 21.5 millions, goes up to 50 millions, and some scholars even suggest 100 millions as a definite estimate. What is a pandemic? Even today, the common flu often causes epidemics, that is outbreaks of a disease contained within a particular region or population

Some reseachers have estimated a death rate as high as 10 to 20%. During World War I in Europe, the flu struck troops and civilians in the spring of 1918 and it flared up later in the U.S., where. Across the EU28, 0.025 people per day die of flu, compared to 0.75 per day on the most recent COVID-19 figures. That makes the pandemic around 30 times more lethal than flu - and that's at its current levels: using the peak figures cited above, COVID-19 killed more than 515 times as many people per day as influenza A risk assessment by the ECDC of Europe indicates most cases of swine flu have been mild but adults and children can experience severe disease or even death without any obvious underlying condition Percent of adults aged 18 and over who received an influenza vaccination during the past 12 months: 46.8%; Source: Early release of selected estimates based on data from the 2019 National Health Interview Survey pdf icon Percent of children aged 6 months to 17 years who received an influenza vaccination during the past 12 months: 50.4 This is among the highest in the world and greater than the annual seasonal flu mortality rate, according to the latest data. Our fact-check sources: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The 2009 flu pandemic in Europe was part of a pandemic involving a new strain of influenza, subtype H1N1.H1N1 is commonly called swine flu.The pandemic infected at least 125,550 people in Europe. There were 458 confirmed deaths in Turkey, 438 confirmed deaths in Russia, and 457 confirmed deaths in the United Kingdom Flu hospitalisation and intensive care admission rates also decreased from 2.43 per 100,000 to 1.44 per 100,000 and 0.21 per 100,000 to 0.13 per 100,000 respectively - suggesting flu is having a. The average death rate, calculated by dividing absolute number of infections by confirmed deaths, shows more people in Italy are dying of coronavirus than in the rest of the world. According to the Johns Hopkins live map , at the time of writing, Italy has a recorded 10 149 confirmed cases of coronavirus and 631 deaths Week 48/2020 (23-29 November 2020) • Influenza activity remained at interseasonal levels. • Four influenza viruses were detected in specimens from persons with respiratory illness presenting to primary medical care sentinel sites

Britain's winter flu outbreak worsened suddenly last week with 10 new deaths reported, figures published yesterday show. Total deaths since the start of the current outbreak in October now stand. Seasonal flu viruses cause between 4 and 50 million infections each year and up to 70,000 Europeans die annually of causes linked to flu, particularly among older adults and at-risk groups

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1968 flu pandemic, also called Hong Kong flu pandemic of 1968 or Hong Kong flu of 1968, global outbreak of influenza that originated in China in July 1968 and lasted until 1969-70. The outbreak was the third influenza pandemic to occur in the 20th century; it followed the 1957 flu pandemic and the influenza pandemic of 1918-19.The 1968 flu pandemic resulted in an estimated one million to. 1957 flu pandemic, outbreak of influenza that was first identified in February 1957 in East Asia and that subsequently spread to countries worldwide. The outbreak caused an estimated 1,000,000 to 2,000,000 deaths worldwide and is considered to have been the least severe of the three 20th-century influenza pandemics Coronavirus has claimed more lives across Europe than are lost in serious flu outbreaks, a major study revealed yesterday.. Spain had the worst mortality rate across all ages at the height of the pandemic in early April, followed by England a week later.. Excess deaths in the 45-65 cohort peaked in mid-April in England - at the highest rate in Europe The country has a surprisingly low death rate, a phenomenon attributed to a high level of testing, and a high number of intensive care beds. Coronavirus: Timeline of the global spread of COVID-19.

In Latin America, 10 out of every 1,000 people died; in Africa, it was 15 per 1,000. In Asia, the death toll reached as high as 35 in every 1,000. In Europe and America, troops travelling by boat and train took the flu into cities, from where it spread to the countryside Since 2010, the flu-related death rate has been between 12,000 and 61,000 annually, with the highest season being 2017-2018 and the lowest being 2011-2012. Most deaths are caused by complications of the flu , including pneumonia or a secondary bacterial infection of the heart or brain The GP consultation rate with flu-like illness has remained similar to the previous week, at 8.4 per 100,000. However, these levels are as we would expect at this time of year Swine Flu The US Centre for Disease and Control Prevention (CDC) estimated that 150, 000 to 575,000 people died from (H1N1) pandemic virus infection in the first year of the outbreak. 80% of the virus-related deaths were estimated to occur in those < 65 years of age

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Older, more vulnerable people are more at risk from developing serious complications that can lead to death from Covid-19, but Spanish flu had an unusually high mortality rate for young adults Europe is right to risk a double 'no deal' more lethal seasonal risk is the flu — in a bad year, given that the death rate for flu is only around 0.1 per cent,. In the United States, where flu-vaccination programs are widely available, fewer than half of adults and about 60% of children typically get the flu shot each year, according to CDC's 2018-2019.

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  1. Death rate is now TWO THIRDS higher than a bad flu year as coronavirus kills 185,000 people across Europe, study reveals Spain had the worst mortality rate across all ages at the height of the pandemic The 15-44 age group also died in greater numbers than their peers across Europe The European Union and the
  2. And IT only lists influenza and pneumonia. This makes the number seem much, much bigger than it is. For example: 56,979 people died of influenza and pneumonia in 2013. That's a scary number. And putting the word influenza first insinuates that flu is the primary cause of death. But...in reality, only 3,697 died of the actual flu. The.
  3. An updated graph from the CDC, released at the end of last month, also shows the number of reported flu cases growing at a similar rate to the deadly 2017-2018 season. Centers for Disease Control.
  4. The flu kills thousands of people every year, but its death rate is low. During the 2018-19 flu season, about 35 million people in the US contracted the flu and about 34,000 died, according to the.

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  1. The term influenza-like illness (ILI) considers the flu along with other illnesses, such as pneumonia, that cause similar symptoms, notably fever, dry cough, nausea, body aches, and nausea. The chart above shows how the age-adjusted death rate from ILIs in Arizona compares over time to the rest of the nation
  2. The sources used are official death statistics and the Albo d'oro, a roll of honor of the Italians fallen in the First World War. The new estimate of deaths from the flu is 410,000 for 1918, which should be raised to 466,000 when the numbers are taken up to 1920. Deaths from Spanish flu among the military were about 70,000
  3. US Death Rate Now Less Than Flu Levels. By Seth Grossman / October 29, 2020 October 29, 2020 Even chart from far-left CNN exposes Democrat lies about COVID-19 coronavirus
  4. The spread of swine flu around the world was classed by the World Health Organization (WHO) as a global pandemic. Cases were confirmed in at least 171 countries and territories and the illness caused deaths in at least 139. For more see our swine flu special report
  5. The CDC's daily figure of 100 flu-related deaths is flawed, since the tallies are based on incomplete death certificates, but that hasn't stopped the spread of the erroneous statistic

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  1. Italy's Mild Flu Season May Give Clues to Virus Death Rate By . Giovanni Salzano. and . Vernon Silver, The latest flu season started earlier in Europe than in previous years, peaking in the.
  2. It is among the worst pandemics in recorded history. However, most people had never heard of it until the fear of avian flu became a media story. Of the estimated 500 million people in the developed world to be infected, the recorded mortality rate was 50 million, including 17 million in India
  3. Of course, even a 20% death rate vastly exceeds a typical flu, which kills less than 1% of those infected. 5. Therapies of the day had little impact on the disease. No specific anti-viral therapies were available during the 1918 flu. That's still largely true today, where most medical care for the flu aims to support patients, rather than.
  4. The 2017-2018 flu season was historically severe.Public health officials estimate that 900,000 Americans were hospitalized and 80,000 died from the flu and its complications. For comparison, the.
  5. The total U.S. death toll was just under 13,000, according to the U.S. Census Office, out of about 1 million worldwide. The Russian influenza wasn't entirely finished, however. It returned.

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In June, Public Health England published updated figures, which showed a total of 3,966 flu deaths in 2018/19. The new figures, which include changes in other years, put the average at around 15,000 deaths each flu season in this period. Public Health England does not publish a mortality rate for the flu Flu Epidemics: 2009-2010 In the most recent epidemic, H1N1 (sometimes called swine flu ), was quick to spread throughout the world. The first U.S. case was diagnosed in April 2009 The US death toll from coronavirus this year has now exceeded 62,000, surpassing the high-end estimate for flu deaths. But coronavirus has killed at a much faster rate An analysis of the new pandemic influenza A/(H1N1)pdm09 virus reported, a total of 18,631 deaths among the laboratory-confirmed cases, yielding a fatality rate of 2.9% (95% CI 0.0-6.7%), with an estimated fatality rate of 0.02% among all infected individuals

The 1918-1920 &#39;Spanish&#39; Influenza Pandemic

THE death toll here from swine flu is disproportionately high compared with other European states. A total of 22 people have died here as a result of the virus, putting Ireland 12th in Europe for. Despite this impact of extreme low temperatures, most of the excess death rate registered in 2016/17 is attributable to influenza, confirming other observations recorded in Europe (Nielsen et al., 2019). Nevertheless, this is the first study reporting the effect of temperatures on mortality in Italy, and we acknowledge that this association has.

'The mortality rate for Covid-19 is also significantly higher than influenza and pneumonia rates for both 2020 and the five-year average. 'Since 1959, which is when ONS monthly death records. However it was relatively mild in Europe, with around 30,000 people dying in England and Wales and around 1-4m being killed worldwide by the disease Death rate is now TWO THIRDS higher than a bad flu year as coronavirus kills 185,000 people across Europe, study reveals Spain had the worst mortality rate across all ages at the height of the pandemic The 15-44 age group also died in greater numbers than their peers across Europe The European Union and the [ Death rate is now TWO THIRDS higher than a bad flu year as coronavirus kills 185,000 people across Europe, study reveals. Spain had the worst mortality rate across all ages at the height of the pandemic The 15-44 age group also died in greater numbers than their peers across Europe This is why Germany's coronavirus death rate seems so low Despite recording over 35,000 coronavirus cases, Germany has just 181 deaths - fewer than the UK or France. It all comes down to a.

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Increase in hourly wages in the US during the Spanish Flu Pandemic 1900-1928; Death toll per month in the Moscow plague epidemic of 1771; Year of final plague epidemic in select Europe and. So far this season, flu deaths total 24,000 to 63,000 (data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are estimates with wide uncertainties). advertisemen 2 Bacon J. Coronavirus 20 times more lethal than the flu? Death toll passes 2,000. USA Today Feb. 18, 2020. 3 Ducharme J, Wolfson E. The WHO Estimated COVID-19 Mortality at 3.4%. That Doesn't Tell the Whole Story TIME Mar. 9, 2020. 4 Lovelace B, Higgins-Dunn N. WHO says coronavirus death rate is 3.4% globally, higher than previously thought. Researchers in 2007 theorized that the 1918 flu forces victim's over-stimulated immune system to kill the patient as it tries to fight off the virus.In Europe, doctors of the American. The influenza virus had a profound virulence, with a mortality rate at 2.5% compared to the previous influenza epidemics, which were less than 0.1%. The death rate for 15 to 34-year-olds of influenza and pneumonia were 20 times higher in 1918 than in previous years (Taubenberger). People were struck with illness on the street and died rapid deaths

Covid-19 deaths aren't rising as fast in Europe and US

If the IFR of the seasonal flu is 0.04%, these blood surveys show Covid-19 to be anywhere from three times deadlier to 27 times deadlier — and given the incompleteness of current death counts. The global mortality rate of the 1957-1959 influenza pandemic was moderate relative to that of the 1918 pandemic but was approximately 10-fold greater than that of the 2009 pandemic If the fatality rate was in fact 2.5 percent, and if 500 million were infected, then the death toll was 12.5 million, Jabr said in the Wired article. There were 1.8 billion people in 1918 Hungary recorded, by far, the highest standardised death rate from lung cancer among EU-27 Member States in 2017 (89.2 deaths per 100 000 inhabitants), followed by Croatia (68.4 deaths per 100 000 inhabitants), Poland and Denmark (67.0 and 66.8 per 100 000 inhabitants respectively); Serbia also reported a relatively high standardised death rate (69.3 per 100 000 inhabitants)

The global death toll was inconceivable: according to the most recent estimates, between 50 million and 100 million people worldwide perished in the three pandemic waves between the spring of 1918. According to US-CDC, most deaths occur among people aged over 75 years, and in the world's poorest regions. Sub-Saharan Africa accounts for the world's greatest flu mortality risk, followed closely by the Eastern Mediterranean and Southeast Asia The Spanish flu , also known as the 1918 flu pandemic , was an unusually deadly influenza pandemic caused by the H1N1 influenza A virus . Lasting from February 1918 to April 1920, it infected 500 million people - about a third of the world's population at the time - in four successive waves. The death toll is typically estimated to have been somewhere between 17 million and 50 million, and.

These numbers dwarf fatalities from swine flu, but scientists caution that it is too early to predict how the virus may continue to evolve. Each of the 20th Century pandemics lasted around a year, though the Spanish flu of 1918 saw second and third waves that stretched into 1920 causing further fatalities The overall Covid-19 fatality rate may be 12 to 24 times the flu death rate. (Estimates for the fatality rate for Covid-19 vary , and they vary by region depending on response to the outbreak. Swine flu vs. coronavirus: COVID-19 death rate is the difference By David Hammer / Eyewitness Investigator 3/18/2020 Sean Connery's 007 pistol from 'Dr.No' sells for $256,00 Spanish flu is estimated to have killed between 50 million and 100 million people when it swept the globe in 1918-19 - more than double the number killed in the first world war

New Flu Deaths (11/22/2020-11/28/2020) 0. Total Flu Deaths This Season (9/27/2020-5/8/2021) 1 *Influenza-associated Deaths -This number is based on reports submitted by providers to the North Carolina Division of Public Health. An influenza-associated death is defined for surveillance purposes as a death (adult or pediatric) resulting from a. Purple Death: The Mysterious Flu of 1918, by David Getz, Henry Holt & Co. (hardcover, September 2000) History tells us we are ready for another pandemic, says Kirsty Duncan, Spanish flu researcher and author of Hunting the 1918 Flu: One Scientist's Search for a Killer Virus But a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine last week found a death rate of 1.4 percent among a group of 1,099 patients, suggesting the rate could be lower than those reported by. The worldwide covid-19 death toll has passed 1.53 million. The number of confirmed cases is more than 67.2 million, according to Johns Hopkins University, though the true number of cases will be. In the seven years the Black Death lasted it killed between 30 and 60 percent of Europe's population. Plague of Justinian (25 million killed) 541 - 542 A lesser-known pandemic, the plague of Justinian, afflicted the Byzantine Empire and is estimated to have cut Europe's population in half in just 12 months

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